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What is LinksOfFame?

There are tons of social networking, blogging, and messaging services on the internet. LinksOfFame provides you with one page where you can post links to your other sites.

What is a User ID?

Every LinksOfFame user is assigned a unique User ID. It's a number that can be used to identify you on any 14many.com enabled website. It is also the link to your profile.
(i.e. LinksOfFame.com/UserID. This site was created by LinksOfFame.com/1.)

What does this site do?

If you have 7 online services, then you have 7 different screennames/links! For example, you might have a Myspace profile, Facebook profile, YouTube channel, LiveJournal blog, AIM screenname, Yahoo screenname, and MSN screenname. That would be a lot of screennames and links to give to someone! Many sites, such as Twitter,
only provide one space for you to put one link. This site allows you to
create a profile that lists all of your links. Then, you only have to give
out your one LinksOfFame link to people.

How much does it cost to use this site?

It is FREE to sign up! Just enter your email address on the right
and click Register to get started. If you use any other
14many.com enabled site, then you are already registered
and can log in with your existing password.


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